About Us

We’re truly dedicated to make your travel experience as much simple and fun as possible!

  • We stepped in this industry with great zeal of enthusiasm backed with state-of-art technology background, with a vision to make path breaking innovation in the way passenger transport industry functions in our country and for benefit of travelers at large…
  • Bookonspot (BoS) offers a convenient platform to travelers for online bus ticket booking. Traditional offline ticket booking presents multiple challenges and could never provide a bunch of comfortable, convenient bus services at one place with fare ranges and return journey assured tickets, furthermore difficulty in getting reserved tickets in peak period, festive season and vacations. BoS provides a transparent and efficient online platform to avoid such hassles. Travelers can browse through our travel advisory route suggestions to arrive at right commute decision to shorten journey duration.
  • With traveler convenience as the key focus, the BoS portal offers easy, user friendly, trusted payment gateways and swift online booking platform with numerous options of bus services. Prospective traveler will be supported by our system to book ticket for unplanned journey. This uniquely differentiates our services.
  • BoS is committed to constant improvement and innovation in the platform. To do so we have given complete freedom to our team to explore new ideas and build a strong system which will offer more and better services to make travel booking assured and comfortable.
  • Rokad is executing a project for Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) to computerize the Concessional Pass Issuance Systemand replace approx. 7 million Paper passes with RFID based Smart cards.
  • Smartcard based concessional passes will be issued to citizens from 250 MSRTC depots and 2500+ RokadSathicenters.
  • These 2500 Rokad Sathicenterswill also offer other value added services of Rokad, like banking, microfinance, telecom & utility payments etc.
  • The ~7 million Smart card passes issued at RokadSathicenterswill have ~40 million transaction per year resulting into equal no of foot falls of pass holders at 2500 centres.
  • More than 2.4 million customers have already registered for MSRTC Smart Card and the count is expected to increase to 5 million by 31stMar’19.

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